Who are Toasty Titan?

We are a development team formed in Visby during the harsh winters of 2018. Seven of the eight students attend Uppsala University’s Game Design program and formed this team while developing our game, Neon Nemesis. During a 10 week period, we gathered in our headquarters (basement) and began the development process, once time was up we emerged with Neon Nemesis and won Public Choice at the Gotland Game Conference. We are now preparing to take Neon Nemesis to the next level and will be showcasing it at Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2019.

Meet The Team

These are the memebers that make up Toasty Titan. Click on the icons below the images to find out more about a specific member.

Avatar Team Member

Alexander Peck

Programmer & Hardware Engineer

Avatar Team Member

Marcus ford

Programmer & Designer

Avatar Team Member

Anton Berglund

Scrum Master

Avatar Team Member

Patrik Lindkvist

Environment Artist & Game design

Avatar Team Member

Adam Olsson

Programmer & Designer

Avatar Team Member

Anna Malkan Nelson


Avatar Team Member

Petrut Raileanu

Character Artist & Animator

Avatar Team Member

Alma Segeholm

Soundtrack Composer

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